Wednesday, October 5, 2016

3 Signs that You Need Professional Furnace Repair in Maple Grove, MN

The furnace is a most crucial component to keeping your home comfortable. However, many homeowners forget to monitor its condition and will only pay it attention when it’s no longer working properly. Because it’s too late already, they’re surprised to know that the damage now requires a costly repair. To avoid this scenario, you need to be wary of indicators that spell potential failures in your furnace. Once these symptoms are detected, you can contact an expert in furnace repair in Maple Grove, MN to address the root cause.

Ballooning Energy Bills

Confused why your electric bills are increasing each month, even while your usage seems static? This could be due to a faulty furnace. When certain parts of your furnace start wearing out, the system is no longer able to run as efficiently as it had in the past.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

A Quick Guide to Minimizing Your Furnace Repair Costs in Plymouth, MN

Without a fully functioning furnace, you and your family will suffer discomfort during the cold season. A fully functioning heating system can be moderated inside your home to keep temperatures within your comfort zone. This is why it’s important to find immediate furnace repair in Plymouth, MN when necessary, but you can keep service calls at a minimum by conducting some small maintenance tasks yourself. This will keep small problems from developing into bigger, costlier ones and ensure that your furnace is working at capacity.

By learning a few things about furnace maintenance and repair, you can better decide on what to do when the furnace runs awry.

Monday, September 19, 2016

Top Three Common Problems that Lead to AC Repair in Maple Grove, MN

Many households in Maple Grove, MN don’t have the right skill and knowledge to do AC repair when their heating & air conditioning system is acting up. This is why it’s always best to call reputable HVAC service professionals to get defective AC units working at peak performance levels again.

AC experts agree that learning the root cause of the problem might save you a lot of money in repair costs. Here are the top three most common HVAC problems, their causes, and how to troubleshoot them.

The AC is on, but the room is not getting cold enough.

Most consumers are quick to point out problems with the refrigerant, but really, if your room stays hot, that likely means you are using the wrong type of air conditioning unit. It might be that the capacity of your AC unit is not the appropriate for the room size. Or you might be trying to use just one small system to cool down several connecting rooms.

Friday, September 16, 2016

Heating & Air Conditioning Installation Mistakes You Should Avoid

Heating & air conditioning system installations in Plymouth, MN should only be performed by licensed and trained HVAC professionals. Most homeowners who have no idea about the do’s and don’ts of system installation, however, usually find themselves asking for an AC repair service company near Plymouth, MN, a few months after the initial installation.

Here are the top three mistakes inexperienced contractors and homeowners commit when installing an HVAC system.

Completely Ignoring Proper Ventilation

Most amateur contractors and homeowners who are looking forward to the installation of their first HVAC system only concern themselves with either the heating or the air conditioning part, or both, and completely forget the importance of ventilation, thus affecting the quality of air within their homes.

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Why Use AC Repair Services Right Away When Your Unit Is Acting Up

No matter how durable your air conditioning may seem, it will eventually deteriorate and malfunction. When this happens, it’s necessary to make repairs at once. Ignoring the problem and letting the unit continue to work, despite the damage, may lead to bigger issues–and not only those affecting your room temperatures. You may not think that the problem is a big deal, but you may be surprised if your AC suddenly malfunctions beyond repair.

Here are three reasons why you should immediately pursue AC repair near Maple Grove, MN once you detect a problem:

Avoid More Expensive Repairs

As a problem worsens, it becomes more and more costly to repair. Ignoring a minor AC problem exposes the rest of the system to more severe damages and risk. This is because the unit is not functioning fully, making the other components work harder.

Thursday, August 4, 2016

AC Repair Near Plymouth, MN: Checking for Problems and Fixing Them

Your air conditioning inevitably will incur problems. There will come a time that it doesn’t work as smoothly as it did in the past. This is why you need to know how to check for problems and apply quick fixes before calling a professional in heating & air conditioning near Plymouth, MN. This way, the problem is addressed as soon as possible, allowing you to continue enjoying the benefits of your AC.

Here are some tips on checking and fixing AC problems:

Failure to Run

If your air conditioning doesn’t engage when you turn it on, there might be a problem with the outlet. Check the plug and ensure it didn’t jar loose. Make sure the outlet is working by unplugging the AC and plugging in a different appliance. Then, make sure that the fuse and the circuit breaker are in proper condition. The outlet should also capacitate the voltage of the unit, so check the voltage of the outlet as well.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Getting the Right Heating & Air Conditioning System For Your Home

No matter what the weather is like in Maple Grove, MN, your home should be your safe haven. One way of making sure of this is to have an efficient heating & air conditioning system in place. Not many people understand, however, that you cannot just go out and buy the first air conditioning unit or heater that you come across. Buying An Air Conditioning & Heating Unit One of the things that you need to consider when it comes it buying a heating or air conditioning unit would be the size of the area where you it installed in. You have to remember that if the air conditioning unit is too small for the size of the room, it would not be able to properly keep the right room temperature. Plus, an air conditioning unit that has to work twice as hard is more prone to breakdowns. Conversely, having an AC unit that is bigger than what is needed for a room could lead to the occupants experiencing a clammy, uncomfortable feeling rather than a cozy one.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Heating & Air Conditioning: Twigging the Technology behind the Cool

We know what air conditioning units do – they help ensure that the temperature within your home is within comfortable conditions. During summer months, an AC unit can be man’s best friend. Unfortunately, very few people realize how complex the heat & air conditioning process is. The Principle behind the AC Operation AC units are designed to cool hot air. To perform this, there are several processes the hot air goes through within the AC. Phase conversion is a process wherein a liquid is converted into gas. During this process, warm air from the outside is sucked to be cooled in the AC. The cool air is then distributed throughout your house through the duct system.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

How to Maintain Your Heating & Air Conditioning Unit in Maple Grove

Your HVAC system is crucial in keeping your home comfortable. It also helps keep indoor air clean and safe to breathe. If not maintained properly, however, this system won’t be able to do its job and last long. Here are some maintenance tips to help you get started: Check Filter The filter is an essential part of the HVAC system, and so it has be in top shape all the time. It’s best to buy a better filter to enhance the system’s performance. There are now pleated filters that are available on the market. Through an electrostatic charge, they are able to get even the tiniest particles and those that are filled with bacteria. Replacing the filter every 2 to 6 months, depending on its rating level, is highly recommended. However, make sure to take a look at it every month.

AC Repair Experts Share Some Problems and Quick Fixes that You Can Do

Faulty heating and air conditioning systems can cause a lot of discomfort, especially during the peak times of both winter and summer. You have to be alert when you notice that your system is not working as it should be. That way, you can address the problem immediately, preventing it from getting worse. Here are some common signs that your air conditioning may be having problems. Unable to Turn On There are two possible reasons why an air conditioning unit isn’t turning on. For one, the thermostat isn’t set properly and the other is that the unit isn’t receiving power. As a remedy, you can try setting the thermostat to AC or “cool” and make sure that the temperature setting is working fine. The thermostat’s battery should also be in good condition for it to run smoothly. You can also check the circuit breaker for a tripped fuse.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Know Your Options for Heating & Air Conditioning in Your Home

Summers get hot and winters could be especially harsh, especially in Minnesota. If you have ever gone through a summer without cooling, you know how hard it can be. Without heat, harsh winters could even be dangerous for you and your family. Selecting the right heating & air conditioning system and performing the necessary maintenance could not only save you money, but give you peace of mind. Heating & Air Conditioning for the Home Before considering any heating and air conditioning systems for your home, you need to determine the intended use. If you live in an old apartment with only centralized heating using radiators, you may only need to add a window-type air conditioner for the hot summers. Depending on the size, this is often enough for studio or even one bedroom apartments.

Friday, April 29, 2016

Heating & Air Conditioning in Plymouth, MN: Single or Multi-Stage?

When living in a humid area with constant temperature changes, it can be hard to find the right HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning) system for your home. Keep in mind that you want your system not just to provide the right temperature during the days of extreme cold or heat, but in the mid-range days as well. When talking about efficiency of HVAC systems, there are two things that pop into everyone’s mind: long-term reliability and operating costs. Right Temperature During the Whole Year In the Minneapolis metro area, the temperature is unpredictable and average temps range between 10°F in January and 85°F in July. Finding the right type of heating & air conditioning in Plymouth, MN is especially important. Single-stage systems are great for extreme temperatures.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Winter Help: Better Heating & Air Conditioning in Maple Grove, MN

With heaters and furnaces working overtime, homeowners in Minnesota should be extra vigilant about their heating systems during winter. Winters in Minnesota are no laughing matter, and without proper precautions, furnace troubles can quickly turn to serious danger. In addition, extreme cold can even make furnaces stop working altogether. Here are some tips to help out your heating & air conditioning in Maple Grove, MN to ensure safe, comfortable temperatures before and during frigid months: Clean Air Filters Because your furnaces works hardest during the winter, ensure that all its parts are in good working order. Keeping air filters clean should be at the top of this list. When there’s dust and debris in your air filter, your furnace has to exert even more effort just to push out all that precious warm air. Therefore, it’s crucial to keep air filters clean for an efficient heating system.

Heating & Air Conditioning Plymouth, MN: Thermostat Tips for Savings

That thermostat on your wall may be small, but it is a powerful tool. It’s responsible for controlling your indoor air quality and environment. This is especially true for newer thermostats that allow homeowners to tweak temperatures to create a perfect home environment without much effort. Understanding how this piece of equipment works is integral to optimum heating & air conditioning in Plymouth, MN. Not only does this enable you to customize comfort, but thorough understanding lets you evaluate if your thermostat is effectively meeting your needs. It also allows you to maximize your heating and conditioning system to save some dollars off your utility bills. Thermostat ABCs Your thermostat works by measuring your home’s internal temperature and comparing it to the level you have set. If there’s a difference between the two, it triggers your HVAC system to cool or heat your home until the comfort level you desire is reached.

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Keep Furnace Repair Issues to a Minimum With Fall Maintenance Steps

In Minnesota, residents may use their heating systems for many long months each year thanks to the harsh climate and extended winters. Many will have the unfortunate experience of dealing with a broken furnace and needing heating & air conditioning in Maple Grove, MN over the course of the next winter season. One of the best ways to keep repair issues to a minimum is to schedule professional maintenance service on your system. The service can be scheduled at any time of the year, but most homeowners will schedule it during the fall before they turn the system on for the first time. Ensure the Components Are Clean One aspect of maintenance service is that the various components in the system will be professionally cleaned. When components are dirty, the system will not operate with peak efficiency as it was designed to do.

Determining If Your Furnace Requires Emergency Furnace Repair Service

If you are like most homeowners who discover a problem with their Plymouth furnace in the middle of winter, you may quickly pick up the phone to schedule repair service. However, one of the first questions you will need to decide is if your heating & air conditioning in Plymouth, MN is an emergency situation. Emergency repair service will send a repair technician to your home at the next available time, including during evening or night hours or on the weekend. With routine services, you may schedule the next available appointment during normal business hours. During the peak of the winter season, this may be the next day or in several days.

Friday, March 11, 2016

Heating & Air Conditioning Tips: Reduce Wear and Tear on Your System

Your home's heating and cooling unit is essential for optimal climate control in the home. It also can affect everything from indoor air quality to energy consumption and home repair bills. Because of this, it is important to take great care of your HVAC unit. This is actually easier to do than you might think, and these easy steps can help to reduce unnecessary wear and tear on your system so that you get the most out of it on a regular basis. If you have not taken these steps recently, now may be a good time to do so. Change the Air Filters When your heating & air conditioning in Maple Grove, MN system turns on, the heated or cooled air passes through air ducts and over an air filter before circulating in your home. If the air filters are dirty with dust and other debris, they will block the passage of the air.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Furnace Repair Tips: How to Keep Your Furnace Running in Great Shape

A furnace is a critical component in most homes, providing you with a source of reliable heat throughout the cooler months of the year. Breakdowns can and do happen, and all systems will also eventually die completely and require a replacement. Such events can be costly to deal with, and they can make your home uncomfortably chilly until you receive professional repair or replacement service. Thankfully, you can easily follow a few tips to reduce the likelihood of significant downtime with your system this winter. Maintain Your System All types of mechanical equipment will require tune-ups and maintenance service from time to time, and this is true for your furnace as well. Annual maintenance service is generally recommended for most types of furnaces by the manufacturers as well as by heating system professionals. This type of service will include checking connections and hoses, cleaning components and identifying areas that may be weakened and that may break soon.

The Benefits of Regular Heating & Air Conditioning System Maintenance

Whether it’s summer or winter in Maple Grove, MN, you want your HVAC system to function efficiently. When the temperature drops in the beginning of winter, there’s nothing worse than a furnace that doesn’t work. This happens to hundreds of people because they don’t maintain their furnace on a regular basis. Calling furnace repair professionals could get it up and running, but if you want your heating & air conditioning system to be energy efficient and to function well at the critical time, you need to have it checked by a professional at least twice a year. Worn out components are the main reason heating & air conditioning systems don’t work. You may notice that the system overworks to maintain the proper temperature, or simply doesn’t heat or cool the house at all. An overworking system not only uses much more energy, but also wears down quickly.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Does Your Heating & Air Conditioning System Need Professional Repair?

There are several common problems that HVAC systems in Plymouth, MN have over time. When your furnace rattles every time it turns on and doesn’t heat your house properly, you know it needs to be repaired. When your air conditioning never cycles off and your house is still not cool, it’s obvious something is wrong. With a preventative maintenance program from a reputable heating & air conditioning company like Marsh Heating & Air Conditioning Co., Inc., your systems will continue to run efficiently throughout the year. The most common HVAC problems that will have you looking for air conditioning or furnace repair are: • A blown fuse – the fuses protect your systems against overheating, and are the first thing that goes when something isn’t working properly. • Faulty Capacitors – the run capacitor helps the motor maintain a consistent speed and the start capacitor gives the compressor increase in startup torque.

Friday, March 4, 2016

The Benefits of Having Furnace Repair and Maintenance

Having a properly working furnace in Maple Grove, MN is essential, and that's why if your furnace seems to be malfunctioning, you should to consider furnace repair services by a trained and qualified HVAC contractor. Heating equipment is important to keep you and your family safe and warm during the cold months of winter, and that's why HVAC units work best when properly maintained on an annual basis. This will prevent most mechanical failures before they actually become major problems needing repair. Preparation Having your furnace regularly serviced is a great way to ensure that no unseen problems creep up on you. Service technicians can regularly service your furnace and ensure that it's clean and working properly. Plus, if you have your furnace regularly checked to ensure proper working order, then you can catch any minor problems early on and have them repaired right away.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Helpful Tips for People to Remember When in Need of Furnace Repair

A furnace that is not working properly is certainly an inconvenience for people who live in Plymouth, Minnesota. After all, winters in our state can be quite cold. However, there are helpful tips to keep in mind to stave off furnace repair during the coldest of days. New Filters Improve Performance To keep a furnace working properly, remember to change furnace filters at least every three months or so, depending on manufacturer recommendations. It can be easy to forget to change a furnace filter on a consistent basis. However, a furnace filter can prevent dust, dirt, pathogens and other debris from entering into a home. In addition to this, a furnace filter can protect the furnace itself from becoming coated with dirt and grime.